Stefan Vannemyr

"Quality and customer satisfaction
should be the company's main competitive advantage"

Safetron AB has since the start in 1993 primarily been in the electronic locks bussiness. Within this branch we’ve been developed and manufactured secure and high quality locks for over 20 years, mainly for the scandinavian market. When we in the late nineties released our first motor lock it was, and is still today, the fastest motor lock on the market. This was an innovation that quickly helped the company grow.

Innovation is one of our most important watchwords. Thanks to the close proximity between our development and manufacturing we are able to effectivly develop new innovative products but also refine existing products. We are proud to be able to call our products made in Sweden.

Safetron ABs long-term goal is to be a complete supplier of electronic locks on the european market. This shall happen through responsiveness so we can develop new market-leading products.

Stefan Vannemyr CEO


We distribute our products primarily through wholesales and retailers such as various installing companies, eg locksmiths. We export of our products outside Scandinavia through agents in respective country. Our export bussiness is currently under construction.


Safetron AB strives to punctually deliver first class products and services that correspond to authorities and customers needs, requirements and expectations. Quality and customer satisfaction should be the company's main competitive advantage. Safetron AB's ability to live up to this will be through continuous improvement against set goals in which all employees are involved.


Safetron AB complies with existing legislation and endeavors to the continuous improvement of the business with electric locks proprietary and agency products use resources more efficiently, thus contributing to a gradual reduction in environmental impact. Safetron AB will also make sure that office supplies etc. is properly sorted and that staff receive adequate environmental information and to contracted providers take into account the environmental impact of their operations. Safetron AB is environmentally certified since in 2010.

  • Företaget grundas av Frank Vannemyr i Kil, Värmland.
  • Första motorlåset i 1000-serien lanseras och är då, precis som idag, marknadens snabbaste motorlås.
  • Motorlås med hakregelkolv lanseras med modellerna 1003 och 1004.
  • Skåplås CL 200 lanseras.
  • Motorlås 5000-serien lanseras med den gemensamma styrenheten 5000 standard.
  • Smalprofilmotorlås 5328 lanseras.
  • Eltryckeslåsen SL 510 och SL 520 lanseras.
  • Styrenhet 5500 Basic lanseras för Motorlås ur 5000-serien.
    Halogenfri anslutningskabel införs för samtliga produkter.
  • Motorlås ML 151 och ML 152 lanseras som första motorlåsen på marknaden med inbyggd styrenhet.
  • Portlås ML 300 lanseras för portar och containrar med spanjolettlåsning.
    Förenklade eltryckeslås SL 504 och SL 506 lanseras.
  • Smalprofilmotorlås 5335 lanseras.
  • Motorlås 5188 lanseras.
  • Smalprofilmotorlås ML 128 och ML 135 lanseras med inbyggd styrenhet.
    Elslutbleck ML 57 lanseras.
  • Motorlås 6000 serien lanseras
    Elslutbleck ML 59 i brandklassat utförande lanseras.
  • Nödutrymningsbehör 795 & 796 för Motorlås 6000 lanseras
    Kan som hittills enda tillverkare erbjuda ett lås enligt SSF 3522 klass 2B
  • Elslutbleckserien ES lanseras med ES 10 och ES 17 som båda är kompakta elslutbleck med listtrycksteknik