CL 1200

  • Usage

    The CL 1200 locker locks is a popular choice for more challenging environments. A tougher more robust lock with all the benefits of the CL 1000 plus a few additional features and functions. The locks are easy to fit, providing additional programming features, stainless steel buttons, dual fixing points and improved number of operations from two AAA cells. Available in a right hand model and with the option of a slam latch accessory. Simplify access control and go keyless with CL 1200 lock.

    CL 1200 has two programming settings:

    • Private Function: This is the most common function and used where the same code will be repeatedly used, e.g. a pupil in a school or an employee with the same locker in the workplace.
    • Public Function: In this function the CL-Lock operates with a single User Code. The guest enters a personal four-digit code twice, the second time to confirm the correct code. This locks the lock. The same code is entered once only to open the lock, this operation erases the code, ready for the next user. This function is used for short term, multi occupancy applications, e.g. a locker in a leisure centre.


    • Easy fit
    • 11 individual stainless steel buttons
    • 50,000 openings from 2 x AAA cells (supplied)
    • 2 independent fixing points
    • Auto unlock facility
    • Audible key pad
    • Ideal for cabinets, lockers, cupboards, medical carts, data racks, gun boxes, safes
    • Vertical and right-hand models available
    • Available in silver grey finish.
    • Use in offices / schools / warehouses / hospitals / care homes / nurseries / hotels / leisure facilities / the home
    • IP54 rated when used with door gasket

    Technical data

    • Battery operated: 2 x 1,5V AAA-batteries
    • Door thickness: 1-28 mm



    Art nr

    CL 1200 202 144 446
    Slam Latch accessory, dead bolt function 202 144 648