• Usage

    Electromagnetic door release unit designed to hold open fire or smoke stop doors, for convenience and then release automatically them in response to an emergency. The electromagnet has two mounting positions (axial and perpendicular) on the magnet, allowing both wall and floor-mounting with the supplied bracket. This versatile unit allows the magnet assembly to be adjusted to suit fitting floor or wall. With two arm lengths available this unit satisfies most of the more difficult application that may arise. The base cover hides mounting screws, conveying excellent aesthetic result. Thanks to its solid metal structure and mounting versatility, this electromagnetic release unit is highly suitable for applications in hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and industrial factories. An integrated spring extractor overcomes any residual magnetism, ensuring a fast and reliable door release. All units include a manual release button and a flexible door mounted keeper plate.


    • Console Lengths:
      1370-15: 15 cm, 3 cm adjustable
      1370-30: 30cm, adjustable 3 cm
    • Magnetic position may change between vertical and horizontal
    • Easy assembly
    • Auto release button
    • Anti- residual magnetism function

    Technical data

    • 24 VDC
    • Power consumption: 60 mA
    • Holding force: 50 kg



    Art nr

    1370-15 202 144 545
    1370-30 202 144 546