Safetron motor lock 6300 is our quickest and the most advanced motor lock. 6300 locks/unlocks in less than 0.2 seconds and therefore no separate day lock is required for high-frequency doors. 6300 is designed to work with automatic door systems.

Typical applications include day, night and security locks in commerce, offices and industry and in applications where demands of high security is required. Safetron motor lock 6300 is certified according to SS-EN 14846 Grade 7 and SSF-3522 classes 3, 4 and 5. The motor lock has a built-in navigable display. The display enables setup configuration and information extraction from the lock, e.g. installation date and error codes.

Cable lengths

Together with the TwoCom-control unit the system delivers 128-bit encryption for the highest security. The TwoCom system allows cable lengths of up to 100 metres between the lock case and the control unit. This enables new possibilities for the installation of the control unit, e.g. it can be placed in protected environments such as electric-central rooms, server rooms, etc.


The TwoCom-system connects with only two wires between the lock case and the control unit. In these two wires, power supply, communication and encryption runs parallel. Initialization is done automatically. The TC-system also adds the possibility for serial coupling of two locks against one TC-control unit, this means that the installation can be done with fewer components and thus making it more cost effective.


  • Back set 35 mm
  • Hook bolt
  • Time for unlocking/relocking less than 0,2 sec
  • Mechanical key override (90° key turn)
  • Designed for use with automatic door systems
  • Automatic initialization
  • TwoCom BUS technology
  • Event log
  • Paralell setup, up to two motor locks with one TwoCom control unit
  • Can be used without control unit (ML mode)
  • Motor lock 6300 is certified in accordance with SS-EN 14846 grade 7 and SSF-3522 class 3, 4 and 5


  • Direct voltage 10-48VDC, 8-35VAC
  • Power consumption: 60 mA @ 24VDC, max 300 mA vid aktivering
  • Operating temperature -30°C till +70°C
  • Fits Scandinavian oval and round cylinder and also Abloy cylinders Protec / Sento


Art no

SAFETRON 6300 complete set
Motor lock 6300
Control unit TC CU2
Cable C06 10m
Strike plate 106-5
SAFETRON 6300 202144705