ML 128

  • Usage

    ML 128 is a motor lock with an integrated control unit. The connection is made directly to the code lock or access control systems. ML 128 is compatible with all known code lock and access control systems on the market. The Lock lock/unlock under less than 0.3 seconds and therefore normally no separate day lock is needed on high-frequency doors. ML 128 is a narrow type slim profile lock with back set 28 mm. typical applications include day, night and Security locking in trade, office and industry. ML 128 meets the requirements to EN 14846, grade 5. Made in Sweden.


    • Integrated control unit
    • Monitoring: Bolt out or bolt in and door closed
    • Back set 28 mm
    • Hook bolt
    • Time for unlocking/relocking less than 0,3 sec
    • Meets requirements equivalent to EN-14846, grade 5

    Technical data

    • Direct voltage 10-35 VDC, AC voltage 8-24 VAC
    • Power consumption: 50 mA, max 350 mA when activated
    • Operating temperature -20 °C to +40 °C
    • Fits Scandinavian oval and round cylinders
    • Fits ASSA accessories 4559, mechanical lock case



    Art nr

    ML 128 lock case 202 144 631
    ML 128 complete set 202 144 632