ML 300 Container lock

  • Usage

    Safetron ML 300 is a unique motor lock heavy duty for installation in harsh environments, both indoors and outdoors. ML 300 has a patent pending 2- point locking making it suitable for doors and gates with locking bar. Typical applications include most types of doors container doors and similar commercial, industrial, etc. Due to its unique patent-pending solution is lock very easy to open manually in case of power failure. Emergency opening from the outside is made possible by mounting of a key tube. Rod length is adjustable by cutting or extension of the locking rods.


    • Opening with handle if power failure
    • Prepared for fitting key tube mechanical opening from the outside
    • Very strong motor ensures locking even on heavy doors
    • Door Status sensor, separate magnet mounted
    • Bolt Position Sensors
    • Alarm, lock open
    • Alarm, door open, 10 sec delay after the activation signal has been broken
    • End position (the operating time of the motor is too long)
    • Good corrosion resistance

    Technical data

    • 24VDC +/- 10%
    • Power consumption: Maximum 3A @ 24VDC
    • Overall standard length: 2500 mm



    Art nr

    ML 300 Portlås 202 144 590
    Rod extension 50 cm 202 144 642
    Rod extension 100 cm 202 144 643