SLB 120 solenoid lock

  • Usage

    SLB 120 is intended for surface mounting and is suitable for locking both lending and inward opening doors, including sliding doors. Typical applications include personnel locks, darkroom and the like, as in remote control of waiting rooms, reception areas, warehouses, etc. Locking occurs only when the solenoid-locking and the striker plate is in the closed mode, magnet monitored. Available in fail safe or fail secure version.


    • Surface mount
    • Easy mounting, either vertically or horizontally
    • Bolt length 13 mm
    • Fail safe or fail secure function

    Technical data

    • 24 VDC
    • Power consumption: 24 VDC: 225 mA, 450 mA when activated
    • Holding force up to 450 kg



    Art nr

    SLB 120 A, fail safe 202 144 496
    SLB 120 B, fail secure 202 144 497